The Atelier

What makes a piece of jewellery unique? What makes Yvette Ries’ jewellery so extraordinary? Above all, the special connection between material and person, and between personality and form, makes jewellery much more than just an accessory. The right jewellery highlights the individuality of its wearer. In her atelier, Yvette Ries is guided by her inspiration, but also by her innate feel for working with precious metals, stones and other materials. Her rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces speak their own language, and represent an individual, dynamic and extravagant style – linear and without unnecessary extravagance.

When choosing materials, Yvette Ries places the utmost importance on high quality to meet high standards. Her jewellery often features unusual combinations. Shimmering stones are paired harmoniously with fine silver settings. Silver and other metals complement each other and create an effective contrast with different surface treatments.

Yvette Ries and her team create emphasis. At the company headquarters in Karlsruhe, they are constantly working on new products and developments. Their clients appreciate the team’s flexibility, innovation and drive to meet expectations and desires.

In Yvette Ries’ atelier, jewellery design is a real handicraft. All pieces are made by hand and are unique – just like the people they’re made for.