Yvette Ries

… out of passion for statement jewellery design.

Highlighting the extraordinary, creating lasting impressions, impressing with subtlety or adding a touch of extravagance – the Yvette Ries Collection stands for unique jewellery design, exclusivity and real gold smithing.

Yvette Ries creates emphasis – not just for special occasions: her jewellery pieces are everyday companions, encompassing lasting value and timeless beauty at the same time, with each piece speaking its own unique language. They reflect the wearer’s personality, and bestow individuality – expressive and filled with a simple beauty.

Yvette Ries’ jewellery reflects her flair for design. Refined and unusual details make these exclusive pieces, which are always orientated around the zeitgeist. Jewellery does not embellish for a moment, but is rather a resplendent companion – every day.

This love of extravagant jewellery has occupied Yvette Ries from her childhood. As the daughter of a third generation family of jewellers, she was surrounded by magnificent and sophisticated accessories every day, which inspired her to pursue her current profession. Driven by the desire to design her own jewellery, she completed training as a goldsmith and studied design. Stays in Paris and Lisbon followed, where she gathered lasting impressions.